Terri Degenkolb

Terri Degenkolb grew up in rural Indiana, surrounded by corn fields, animals, and parents who always encouraged her to use her imagination. After several years in the working world, where there was little time for creativity, she quit her job to stay at home with her two boys and was once again encouraged by her parents, along with her husband, to use her desire to create. And Whimsicals was born.

Ten years later, with numerous self-published books and patterns, along with several fabric lines completed, she still loves coming up with new things. Because of her fascination with color, textures, and the “old crafts,” her projects take on many forms – from quilts and penny rugs to embroidery and jewelry – and are a mix of primitive and folk art, with a healthy dose of tradition thrown in. Still living in Indiana, she loves the variety and freedom that comes with her work and gets inspiration from roaming through the antique shops and enjoying the nature surrounding her. Although working at home has its own challenges, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to share time with her kids and still do what she loves to do – create.

Terri is the author of Reminiscing: A Whimsicals Collection.

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