Maggie Bonanomi

“I still feel awfully lucky to live and work doing what I love to do, creating fabric, textures and color and living here in Lexington, Missouri, in my wonderful old house that makes the perfect backdrop for my projects.

“I grew up moving around, as my dad was in the Air Force. There were three of us kids that packed up our toys while mother packed up our home and off we went to our new location. We lived in California, Washington, from the Midwest to New England, always having to start over again. We did it. I used this great lesson when I married and my husband decided to return to the Army for another 20 years. We spent time moving stateside, but also had two tours in Germany. I always wanted to make our home comfortable, but often we did not have much of our own furniture with us. So, I used lessons learned from my mother, making do with what we had and creating comfort in what was available to us – a good lesson in creativity that I still draw on today.

“I am thankful I have had many interesting opportunities to create and design and best of all, an outlet for it. With our move more than 10 years ago to this home in Missouri, my focus has become more defined. Clearly the 19th century fits me and my home. I hope to stay here for a long time, it suits me just fine.”

Maggie is the author of Buttonwood Farm: 19 New Primitive Projects, With These Hands: 19th Century-Inspired Primitive Projects for Your Home, Nature’s Offerings: Primitive Projects Inspired by the Four Seasons,  Comfort Zone: More Primitive Projects for You and Your Home, and Book of Days.

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  1. Wondering if Book of Days is your latest book. I own a fabric,yarn, and craft store–mary lou

  2. Mary lou,yes it is, Watch this fall for a new one to come out.

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