Faithful and Devoted

Faithful and Devoted: To My Adelaide – A Civil War Love Story BOM pattern kit

1. Block #1 Adelaide (Red Quilt)
Red 4 should be Red 1

2. Block #6 Adelaide (Red Quilt)
Red 2 should be Red 1

3. Block #6 Charlie (Blue Quilt)
The list of fabrics on the top of the instructions is wrong, however, the fabrics listed for cutting and piecing is correct. The correct list of fabrics is: Cream 3, Cream 5, Blue 2, Brown 1, Blue 5 and Blue 3.

4. Block #10 Adelaide (Red Quilt)
Red 5 should be Red 3

5. Block #12 Adelaide (Red Quilt)
Green 3 should be Green 4

6. Pieced Setting for the Adelaide (Red Quilt)
Cutting the D triangles from Cream 1 should read: 2 – 7 1/4″ squares. Cut in half diagonally once to form 4 D Triangles.

Note: Fabric No. 2768-0142, listed on the fabric swatch page is not used in either the Red or Blue quilt.

From the book:

The templates for the Pieced Setting for the 6″ Blocks on the Charlie quilt (page 69) were inadvertently left out of the book. To access them, click here.

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  1. I need a pattern for faithful and devoted block 2 that was in the kansas city star, dating back to february 15th. This will be my 2nd quilt that I have made. I think it is real pretty and my son-in-law is in to that kind of sport. thank you, Carolyn waggoner.

  2. Hi Carolyn. You can purchase that pattern at this link: Good luck on the quilt! Diane McLendon

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