Sheri Howard

Sheri Howard is a quilt and doll designer who has been sewing ever since she was old enough to hold a needle and thread. One of her first sewing projects was embroidering a caterpillar design that her mother traced from a coloring book.

Sheri has designed patterns for Cotton Way for nearly 10 years and her quilt patterns have been featured in international quilt magazines. She especially loves to applique and enjoys playing with color in her designs.

Sheri lives in Rexburg, Idaho, with her husband, Cody. She sews regularly with a circle of sewing friends that has been together for more than 10 years.

Sheri is the author of Ruby Red Dots: Fanciful Circle-Inspired Designs and Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt: An Applique Twist on Traditional Pieced Blocks.

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  1. Hello Sheri,
    Saw your book at patchwork classes – here in Warwick, Queensland, Australia, on Friday. Some fantastic patterns for sure. BUT, I am also a mad crochet fanatic – and was rapt in the little crocheted overalls, dresses, bloomers and potholders which were on some of the pages. Where would I be able to get hold of those patterns? They are so cute! I can read US patterns but am not up to trying to make up patterns from illustrations. Look forward to your reply.
    Margaret Doust

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