Of One Mind

Christina DeArmond, Kaye Spitzli and Eula Lang met at Quilting Bits & Pieces in Eudora, Kansas, in 1999 when Kaye and Eula became employees of the shop. At that time, the shop was less than two years old and was owned and operated by Christina and her sister Amy Deay. As time went on and the business grew, Kay and Eula and another sister, Faith Gorden, became partners in the business.

Christina, Kaye and Eula became friends as they worked together. They began designing quilts together and formed the partnership, “Of One Mind.” Their business name came out of their common faith and is based on I Peter 3:8: “Finally, all of you should be of one mind, full of sympathy toward each other, loving one another with tender hearts and humble minds.” They jokingly assert that the second meaning of the name is “Three Bodies, One Brain” because of their different talents that blend together into a great working partnership, and their uncanny ability to arrive at the same conclusions simultaneously.

In the nearly 12 years that these three have been working together, they have shared many of life’s experiences: the marriage of children; the arrival of grandchildren; the loss of loved ones; and the continued growth of the business that brought them together. Through it all they continue to share their love of quilting, especially incorporating applique and embroidery into their quilts.

Christina, Kaye and Eula are the authors of:

They are also the co-authors of Santaland: A Bright Collection of Holiday Quilts and Crafts.

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  1. Im struggling to get a way to make contact with you through your website, do you not have a contact form on the website at all?

  2. You can email us at info@kansascitystarquilts.com!

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