Lynda Hall

Lynda has no formal training or degrees. She is mostly self-taught in her creative accomplishments. She was raised by two loving parents with a strong belief that, “You can do anything you want to if you only try!” She has raised her children with that same belief.

Before she had children, Lynda worked in finance as a private secretary for the president of Coca-Cola – Plymouth, FL division, and in the insurance field. When her children were born she wanted to be a hands-on mom so worked from home in sales and taught painting.

Lynda has always loved creative endeavors. She taught oil painting for 15 years in various art studies and from her home. Working with color doesn’t change from paint to fabric so it wasn’t much of change from painting to quilting.

She was introduced to quilting in 1992 by her sister-in-law. The very first thing she ever quilted was a wall hanging called Hopscotch designed by Little Quilts … what goes around comes around, as they say, because Little Quilts now sells Lynda’s patterns.

Carol Crago, owner of Good Home Quilt Company, Lynda’s local quilt shop, encouraged her to design quilt patterns so she started her own quilt designs in 2000. Primitive Pieces by Lynda was born two years later (2002) and to date there are 84 quilt patterns and three books in her line. Her first book, “Primitive Youngins,” was self-published; the second book, A Little Porch Time, was published by Kansas City Star Books.

Lynda has designed projects for the Meredith Corporation magazines, American Patchwork and Quilting, Quilts and More, and its specialty magazine, Sew Scrappy, over the years.

Lynda has created projects for Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine since it started in 2011. Her granddaughter, Rebecca, helped design the first project, “Cold Days,” and both Rebecca and Sarah, her other granddaughter, worked on the “Wabbits” project.

Lynda loves history and admires women from her Gramma’s era, who didn’t have much but accomplished so much with the little they had. Each pattern in this book has a fun story about a family member or event.

Because Lynda is a person who likes to have fun, all inset seams have been taken out of her patterns. They are scrappy quilts and have larger pieces. She doesn’t worry much about corners that don’t match and/or points that come up missing. She thinks they might be having a party on the back!

Lynda is the author of A Little Porch Time and Deck the Halls.

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