Kathy Delaney

Kathy DelaneyKathy Delaney

Kathy cannot remember when she wasn’t sewing. Starting with doll clothes and graduating to her own clothes by the time she was ten, Kathy has had a love affair with fabric that has never diminished.

Since meeting her first quilt in 1991, Kathy has moved away from clothing almost entirely and has devoted her creative endeavors to the making of quilts. In fact, on any given day, she can be found thinking about her next quilt, shopping for fabric for a new quilt, stitching on a current quilt, writing about quiltmaking techniques, designing patterns for quilters, sketching ideas for another appliqué quilt, taking a workshop to learn a new technique, attending a guild meeting, lecturing or teaching quiltmaking techniques. In fact, her husband does not believe she does anything but make quilts. He just might be right!

Kathy lives in Overland Park, Kansas with Rich, her husband of 35 years. They have two sons, Sean, 26, just returned from two tours in Iraq and now a civilian, and Ian, 22, an actor living in North Hollywood. Kathy and Rich also have their first and second grandchildren, twins, born to Sean and his wife Alicia.

Kathy has written The Basics: An Easy Guide to Beginning Quiltmaking, and its follow-up, Beyond the Basics: A Potpourri of Quiltmaking Techniques, Hearts and Flowers: Hand Appliqué from Start to Finish, and its follow-up, A Heartland Album: More Techniques in Hand Appliqué, as well as Patterns of History and Horn of Plenty for a New Century.

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