Karen & Erin Witt

Karen Witt was practically born with a needle in her hand. In fact, her mother once told her that her first thought upon seeing her newborn daughter was what a small thimble she would need! She started sewing at the machine when she was just four, helping her mother stitch together scraps to make crocheted rag rugs. Later childhood sewing projects included doll clothes and aprons. Before long, Karen was sewing her own clothing. Her sewing repertoire eventually expanded to other needlework skills such as cross stitch, knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, and crochet. In college, she majored in Home Economics.

While Karen always enjoyed sewing and needlework, she knew she’d found her true passion when she discovered quilting in the mid-1970s. By 1985, she decided to forgo all her other crafts to concentrate on quilting. She eventually began teaching quilting classes and designing her own quilts. In 2005, Karen started her own company, Reproduction Quilts, attending her first Quilt Market with 12 original patterns inspired by 19th-century antique quilts. The patterns were soon picked up by national distributors and sold to quilt shops across the country. Karen’s quilts have been published in numerous national and international quilt magazines, and several have won awards at national quilt shows, including the American Quilter’s Society and the National Quilting Association. She lives in Winchester, Kentucky, with her husband, Joe.

Erin Witt was born into a home where threads and pins were always on the floor and quilting projects always in progress. In a family that includes five generations of needlework enthusiasts, she has been an avid quilter for as long as she can remember. She stitched her first quilt at the tender age of only three. And as a youngster, she loved to sew, cross stitch, and knit. Erin earned her undergraduate degree in Textiles and Merchandising from Eastern Kentucky University and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles from the University of Kentucky.

In 2006, Erin joined Karen at Reproduction Quilts and the two share an office as well as travel together as teachers and quilt show vendors. In 2008 she launched her own quilt design business, Erin Witt Designs, and she currently divides her time between the two companies. She believes quilting can be fun at all ages and particularly enjoys working with beginning and intermediate quilters. Erin lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Karen and Erin are the authors of Like Mother, Like Daughter: Two Generations of Quilts.

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