Jan Patek

Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts began quilting more than 30 years ago when she quit working to be a stay-at-home mom. With her high energy level and bottomless pit of ideas, she was afraid she would be bored. Dozens of books and patterns later, boredom hasn’t been a problem.

Jan began making art quilts to express her creative spirit. She then began to publish patterns to help pay for her fabric fetish. Her first “Snowbound” quilt evolved from a combination of patterns and designs one year when her children requested a Christmas quilt. Her patterns, books and fabric have been big sellers ever since.

Jan, with Linda Brannock, began designing fabric for United Notions in 1992. They have an extensive line of brushed homespuns and prints under the Moda label. The prints come in a large range of sizes and patterns. The brushed cotton homespuns add texture and coordinate with the prints nicely.

Jan’s love of family and the creative process have combined to influence her art. Each of her quilts make a statement to which we can all relate. Her “Angel” quilt represents the need for guardian angels. Other work represents that strong bond of family and friends. The quilts are a story of her life, her experiences, and her soul.

Jan is the author of Flags of the American Revolution and We Gather Together: A Harvest of Quilts and co-author of Across the Wide Missouri: A Quilt Reflecting Life on the Frontier.  She is also the designer of the Hot Off the Press pattern Cabin in the Stars.

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