String Fling

In Pineapple Crazy on Page 50 of String Fling: Scrappy, Happy and Loving It!, the numbers on the pineapple foundation block are scrambled. Start in the center and work out in rounds. Center/corners/sides/corners/sides, etc.

In Talkin’ Turkey on Page 69, the flying geese method shown will make four geese units, not two.

The border diagram on Page 73 and the photo on Page 68 show the units colored the opposite of the geese units in the block, so you will need 216 units with red large triangles and neutral corners to complete the border as shown.

If you have already pieced your geese with larger neutral triangles and small red wing triangles, sew them end to end and just your reds will have the seams in them instead of the neutral ones. It will not alter the quilt greatly.

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