Memories of Christmas Past

These corrections pertain only to the first printing of the book. The errors have been corrected in the second printing.

On page 17, the Carpenter’s Patch block does not measure 11 3/4″. To make it consistent with the other block sizes, follow the instructions for the border frames on page 63. Because of differences in the block sizes, the red frames around each block compensate for any variations.

On page 31, the cutting instructions for the block background in the second bullet should read: 2 – 2 3/8″ x 8″ rectangles from cream print.

On page 57, the 4″ measurement in the fourth sentence in step 5 should be 4 ¼”.

On page 64, the cutting instructions for the green leaves in the second bullet should be 2 ½” x 3″.

On page 69, the cutting instructions in the third bullet should read:
Cut 6 – 10″ squares. Then cut each square diagonally from corner to corner to yield a total of 24 triangles.

Our original cutting instructions also were correct. The revised figure is preferable because the fabric won’t stretch as much because it isn’t on the bias.

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