Bea Oglesby

Bea OglesbyBea Oglesby

Bea Oglesby has been a quiltmaker, teacher and lecturer since 1990. Because of her love of nature, flowers and art, she has found a never-ending source of ideas for appliqué, her favorite medium. As a result, most of her is in appliqué.

Bea teaches and lectures in the Kansas City area and belongs to several local quilt guilds. She volunteers weekly at the Johnson County Resource Library. Bea lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband Red. She wrote her first book in 1999 and has completed a book every year since.

For The Kansas City Star, Bea has written Art Nouveau Quilts for the 21st Century and Alphabet Quilts: Letters for All Ages. Her third Kansas City Star book will be released in Spring of 2008.

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