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June 10, 2008

Designer Quilts: Great Projects from Moda’s Best Fabric Artists

Designer QuiltsDesigner Quilts

We’ve gathered special quilt projects from 19 of Moda’s top fabric designers and put them into one great book.

Each designer is profiled with a Q&A plus brilliant photographs of the designers in their environs. The designers offer up a total of 16 special projects that any quilter can do.

Designers include: Barb Adams, Alma Allen, Lyn Bloomquist, Linda Brannock, Sandy Brawner, Joanna Figueroa, Sandy Gervais, Barbara Groves, Lynne Hagmeier, Mary Jacobson, Sandy Klop, Polly Minick, Jan Patek, Lisa Quan, Kathy Schmitz, Laurie Simpson, Deb Strain, Cherie Strole, Eileen Taylor, Terry Thompson and Sara Tuttle.

To purchase this book, click here.

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February 18, 2015

A National Treasure

By Donna di Natale I just got back from a trip to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. Wow! That’s the museum in a nutshell: Wow! As its name states, it is a national museum, representing quilters from across the country. It has more than 41,000 visitors a year. Touring exhibits give more than Continue Reading

May 4, 2012

Spring Market

I cannot believe it! Spring Quilt Market is almost upon us.  And it is here in our hometown. I can hear it now. “I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come,” being sung in every car traveling to International Quilt Market.  Seriously, we probably won’t let you in unless you know the words. Continue Reading

April 20, 2011

Jan Patek

Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts began quilting more than 30 years ago when she quit working to be a stay-at-home mom. With her high energy level and bottomless pit of ideas, she was afraid she would be bored. Dozens of books and patterns later, boredom hasn’t been a problem. Jan began making art quilts Continue Reading

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October 11, 2009

People watching at Market

Here we are at market watching all the people going to and fro, stopping, looking, buying, talking, laughing, finding old friends and making new ones. People are here ‘Moda Village’: Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs signs for a fan.from all over the world, so there is a polyglot of languages drifting through halls. A distributor from Spain stopped by yesterday, and surely the ladies from France will be by later. Quilting is truly an international obsession.

So what and whom have we seen around market? I saw Mark Lipinski chatting with Barb Adams and Alma Allen. He’s left Quilter’s Home Magazine and has moved on to other endeavors. He has a line of thread under his name with the Aura-fil Thread Company. Gasp! Will Quilter’s Home survive his departure?