July 29, 2014 - 10:27 pm

The Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bobbins’ Bargains

bobbins bargains logo - 200 wide10. Our books are beautiful.  Every single one of them.  A bonus: Most of our books tell a story.

9. Free shipping. You can’t beat that.

8. 75 PERCENT OFF.  Usually that’s on the sale price, so you’re really saving much more.

7. You get a cool title: Bobbins’ Bargaineer.

6. Speaking of which, we sometimes have special secret sales by email for Bobbins’ Bargaineers. Shh, it’s a secret.

5. Five gets you a freebie. Buy five Bobbins Bargains, get any book on our store site free, including new releases.

4. There’s free shipping on that book, too. Such a deal.

3. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to build your quilting library.

2. At these prices, you can spread the love around. Gifts for quilting friends, door prizes at your guild, inspiration for a new quilter.

And the No. 1 reason to buy Bobbins’ Bargains: All the cool quilters are doing it!


Help us celebrate!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been six months since we’ve launched our successful Bobbins’ Bargains program. To mark the occasion, we’re offering a 20 percent discount on any of the books in our online store, now through Sunday, Aug. 3.  This discount applies to all of our beautiful books, including recent releases and best-sellers.

When ordering, be sure to use this promotion code before checkout:


Please make sure to click the “Apply Promotion Code Now” button after entering the code. The discount won’t apply unless you do so. Please verify that you’ve received the discount before checking out.

Note: These purchases do NOT count toward the “Five Gets You a Freebie” deal.

Hurry! This offer ends Sunday, Aug. 3! To order, click here.

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