February 13, 2014 - 1:00 pm

The Perfect Gift

By Edie McGinnis

Edie McGinnis

Edie McGinnis

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. We are being inundated with ads for flowers, candy and cards. I’m particularly amused by an ad I’ve seen lately.

The ad shows a man’s hands holding a big bouquet of roses, and a voice says, “Loves me.”

Then you see the hands holding a pair of pink, red and white socks with hearts on them. The voice says, “Loves me not.”

And on it goes, flowers or a toaster, loves me, loves me not. Flowers or a chain saw, loves me, loves me not. OK, I confess, I made up the part about the chain saw, because I don’t really remember what else the ad shows. But you get the idea.

2_7_blog_rosesI did notice that they did not take the quilter into consideration. There was no guy standing there with a big bouquet of flowers with the “loves me” statement followed by him with his hands full of red and white fabric bundles saying, “Loves me not.”

Oh, wait a minute, maybe I’m wrong about that. Maybe there is some brilliant ad executive out there who quilts or has a wife who quilts. If so, they avoided the brouhaha they might have created by saying a gift of fabric would imply that your significant other “loved you not.”

I once overheard my sons talking about what to give as a gift to a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. My youngest said, “Go get one of those bouquets at the grocery store. They’re only four bucks, and women love that stuff!” I’ve never decided if he was just cheap or if he had figured out that it was the thought that counted.2_7_blog_fabric

Personally, I love getting flowers, but I’m not sure they would hold a candle to fat quarters of red and white fabrics, especially if a man had taken the time and made the effort to go to the quilt shop and chose them. And if I ever found a guy who would give me a red and white quilt for Valentine’s Day, I would be able to find a gazillion ways to show my appreciation. Loves me not? I don’t think so!

Edie McGinnis is an author and editor for Kansas City Star Quilts. She writes every Friday.

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