January 26, 2014 - 2:50 pm

2014 Block-of-the-Month Quilt Debuts

This year’s Kansas City Star Quilts block-of-the-month project is a tribute to those who served in World War I.

Where Poppies Grow commemorates the Great War, which started almost a century ago, in July 1914.

Remembering AlmoDenniele O’Kell Bohannon of Louanna Mary Quilt Design in Harrisonville, Mo., and Janice Britz of Bee Merry Farms in Peculiar, Mo., designed this year’s quilt as a remembrance of Almo Ebenezer O’Kell, Bohannon’s great-grandfather.

Angela Walters of Quilting Is My Therapy in Kearney, Mo., did the free-motion quilting.

The finished quilt is 72 inches by 83 inches.01Block_WPG.indd

The pattern for the first block, Father’s Choice, appeared in the Jan. 19 Kansas City Star. The Star will publish a new block on the third Sunday of every month. Go to the “Lifestyle” tab, then “House + Home.” To read the story about the quilt in The Star, click here.

Every month, we will offer the current block on this site as a free download for one week. The blocks then will be available for $3.95 at the Kansas City Star Quilt Store. To buy Block 1, click here.

2 Responses to “2014 Block-of-the-Month Quilt Debuts”

  1. Where is Block number 2?

  2. Look for a new block on the third Sunday of every month. We will post Block 2 on Feb. 16.

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