February 22, 2013 - 8:27 pm

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If you are in the Kansas City area and like quilts, you’re in for a treat in March. Members of the Fractured Fabric Society will exhibit their work at Harper’s Fabric and Quilt Co., 7918 Santa Fe Drive, in Overland Park, Kansas.

“Who are these people?” you ask. They are a group of nontraditional quilters who meet to share projects, resources and ideas. Yes, you may call them art quilters, if it is important to hang a label on them.

02_22_half_husband_quiltThe group was formed about eight years ago, and Rosemary Cromer, a talented fabric artist in her own right, serves as coordinator. Show-and-tell is a vital part of each meeting, and one can often count on learning a new technique.

One of the quilts you will be able to see is Cromer’s Half-Husband Quilt. The name alone ought to send you running to the show, but Rosemary has a perfectly logical explanation for her piece of work.

She’s been married to her husband, Joe, for more than 40 years and finally came up with a solution for couples who run into the issue of one person freezing to death and the other radiating heat like a furnace.

Her solution? A quilt that measures 36” x 65” and is just used on the side of the bed where the chilliest person sleeps. She combined bright batik fabrics with fabric from men’s shirts she had rescued from thrift stores.

“I wanted the funky lines of the shirts to be going in all directions … looking like I didn’t have enough of any of the fabrics,” Rosemary said.

As a creative touch, Rosemary added words to the quilt using the discharge dye method. She used a bleach pen and a stop-bath of water that had de-chlor drops added. The de-chlor drops come from the pet store, where fish tank supplies are sold.

Kris Barlow machine quilted the piece and added in a surprise for Rosemary by quilting the word DESIRE under the cuff flap. She tucked it in where no one would see it so Rosemary and Joe wouldn’t blush!

Make some time in March to stop by Harper’s to take in this exciting show. And if you would like to attend a meeting, check the class schedule for dates at www.harpersfabricandquilt.com.

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