January 25, 2013 - 10:25 pm

This is “Jeopardy!”

I have to admit that I am a “Jeopardy!” junkie. I love the challenge of trying to answer the questions before the contestants. I’m not sure why that’s so much fun for me, because I seem to be wrong about 75 percent of the time.

Ah, but yesterday would have been my day to run a full category without having to think twice about using my buzzer. I would have been able to rack up $3,000 in no time flat. You see, the category was “Let’s Make a Quilt.”

It was clear that none of the contestants were quilters. You could see them doing some pondering before they pushed their buttons to answer. And no one buzzed in with the question for the $800 answer.

Here are the “Jeopardy!” answers as they appear on the Web site. Just post a comment if you need the question supplied. Any quilter reading this will be typing in the question with flying fingers and will probably beat me to the punch. Oh, and I’ve added a visual clue for the $400 answer. (It’s only fair! Alex Trebec did that as well. I’m not sure where they found their picture but mine came from the Quilt Index – DAR Museum.)

“$200 – This ’mad’ patchwork quilt is made from irregular or scrap pieces sewn in no particular pattern or design.

“$400 – The 19th-century style of quilt named for this Maryland city can fetch 6-figure sums at auctions today.1_25_blog_baltimore

“$600 – This layer inside a quilt that provides thickness & warmth sounds like an activity for Josh Hamilton.

“$800 – These social gatherings where women would make quilts together were a popular feature of frontier life.

“$1000 – Quilts may be pieced, where shapes are cut & sewn together, or this, where cut pieces are sewn to a background.”

I have to admit that I was amazed to see this category, and it raises questions in my mind. I wonder what this says about our hobby, craft, pastime, addiction, business – however one chooses to categorize quilting? Has it become such a commonplace activity that the general public is now expected to have at least a working knowledge of the process? Has the world finally tumbled to the fact that quilting occupies the hands and minds of people living in nearly every country on this planet?

Have people discovered at last that quilting is, indeed, a multibillion dollar business rather than just a bunch of old ladies sitting around a quilt frame in the basement of the local church?

Do they know how much quilting supports the country’s economy? Have they figured out that cotton growers, fabric designers, fabric companies, sewing machine and quilting machine companies, producers of notions (think needles, thread, rulers, rotary cutters, mats, thimbles, etc.) quilt shops, teachers, lecturers, bag manufacturers, button companies, wool mills, publishers, authors, etc., all benefit from the popularity of our craft?

Just think! Quilting, a category on “Jeopardy!” If it’s that popular, who knows, maybe even Oprah will sit up and take notice.

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  1. i have been a follower of jeopardy for long over 30 years. never once have i seen questions asked that were answered by the contestants.

    ANSWERS or CLUES are presented under various categories and questions to fit them are provided by the players.

    are you sure you mean JEOPARDY?

  2. I sure do mean “Jeopardy!” There is an archive of the shows online. It shows the answers and categories as presented on the show. Here is the link:
    I was happy to find this resource. I had watched the show and since it was the last category chosen by the contestants, I was ready to pout had I not gotten to see all the answers.

  3. exactly my point. in your initial post you said you tried to answer the QUESTIONS before the contestants.

    THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS ASKED ON JEOPARDY. there never have been!!!!!!!!!

    answers are presented. questions thereto are provided by the contestants.

  4. My apologies! You are correct. I should have written my second sentence differently. I should also have spelled Alex Trebek’s name correctly. I really try very hard not to make errors and I am sorry this slipped through. Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. Wow – that’s cool. I watch Jeopardy most days. Figures I missed it that day! I bet you were tickled pink to see that category – I would have been. :)

  6. It was fun to see something about quilting pop up. Today one of the categories was Fabric!

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