November 23, 2012 - 7:33 pm

Abby’s Quilt

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. My son and grandson came over for a traditional dinner of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and all of the other expected favorites, wrapped up with homemade pumpkin pie and apple roll-ups. And now it’s Black Friday.

I suppose I should be out shopping for Christmas bargains but I’m not. There is something about battling crowds and traffic that sends shudders down my spine. That’s a tad worrisome because I truly love Christmas and I don’t want to be Grinchish about the holidays.

Rather than going shopping, I prefer to make all of my gifts. While the adults might appreciate that, I have six grandchildren.  The two oldest are six-year-olds, the youngest is not quite two. I am sure there should be at least one toy under Gram’s tree for these sweet children.

But last year after all of the hullabaloo was over, Abby snuggled up beside me and said, “Gram, I thought you would give us a quilt this year.” And she sounded rather disappointed.  I hadn’t made any promises or even talked to the children about making them a quilt for Christmas, so I was rather surprised to hear about that expectation.

This year, Abby will not be disappointed. I have her quilt top done and just need to quilt it. I should be able to do straight-line quilting using the walking foot on my sewing machine. I should have it done in plenty of time.

I did not make her quilt using novelty prints, although there are a few included. Instead, I went with her favorite color – purple. I kept thinking about her affection for that color and wondered how long it would remain her favorite. After all, she is only six and overwhelming purple may not be her idea of wonderful for long.

I used scraps of every shade of purple I could find for the triangles that make up this Six-Point Extended Star quilt. The fabric goes from pink with a slightly purple cast to such a deep purple as to look nearly black.

I used a tone-on-tone off-white for the center of the blocks. The fabric looks as though flowers have been etched into it, and because Abby loves flowers, I thought this would be perfect for her.

Of course, I have to keep in mind that this is also the kid who thought it might be a good idea to rescue a can of bacon grease that had been set out on the picnic table to cool before being tossed in the trash. She thought the grease would be terrific for making snowcaps on mountains (rocks) in the sandbox. Oh, and why not use it for a river! And, and, and, well, “Dad, the sand is just better now.”

I plan to use fabric that sports purple, pink and green polka dots on the back. It should look great when the corner is flipped over the top. And I plan to use a dark purple for binding.

I hope that Abby will love her quilt and use it until it is literally worn out. I hope it will go on sleepovers, get dragged to the family room when she watches movies, wraps up in when she doesn’t feel well and be the one thing she can’t leave home without when she goes off to college. If that’s the case, I will be one happy Gram!

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