November 2, 2012 - 4:05 pm

Quilt Shop Hop

This will probably come as no surprise to anyone but like any other quilter, I love a good quilt show! This weekend I will be able to take in two shows. The Blue Valley Quilter’s Guild in Olathe, Kansas, and the Lee’s Summit Quilter’s Guild in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, are having a Quilt Shop Hop.

Quilt Show Hop – what a unique idea! Rather than each guild doing their own show and pretending like the other one wasn’t going on at the same time, the organizers were smart enough to figure out a way to partner with one another. They even came up with a clever name for this event, “From the Valley to the Summit.”

You will find the Blue Valley show at the Shawnee Civic Center located at  13817 Johnson Drive, Olathe, Kansas.

Blue Valley Opportunity Quilt

Plan on attending Friday from noon until 6 and Saturday from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

The Lee’s Summit show is held at Woods Chapel Methodist Church located at 4725 NE Lakewood Way, Lee’s Summit, Missouri. It runs Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Here you will be able to take a peek at a joint art quilt project called Our World.

Our World

This project is made up of wedges that all fit together to make a circle. Each piece represents a place dear to the heart of the quilter who designed that particular piece. Some of the artists in this group live in St. Louis and the others in the Kansas City area. Each group is given a dimension and a theme. Once everyone has completed their section, the two groups meet in Columbia, Missouri, (the halfway point between St. Louis and Kansas City) to put their pieces together and view the whole for the first time!

Both shows have much to offer – door prizes, demonstrations, silent auctions, boutiques (where each guild sells hand made items made by members), door prizes, a bake sale at the Blue Valley Show and bed turnings at the Lee’s Summit show.

One can ask for a passport from the greeters at either show. After one has attended both shows, one can drop the stamped passport into a Tutto bag. (A Tutto bag is a sturdy sewing machine case with wheels that pulls as though it’s filled with air.) Each guild show will be giving away one of the bags.

Each show has a featured quilter, who is a talented guild member. Jane Kennedy will be showing her quilts at the Lee’s Summit show. Jane is a Kansas City Star author who wrote the book Winter Trees. Landscapes are not the only quilts in her repertoire; she has also done a series of four quilts based on fashionable ladies of the 40s. You will not want to miss seeing these exquisite quilts!

Skip on over to the Blue Valley show and you will find Bea Oglesby as the featured quilter. She is a master when it comes to making an appliqué quilt and is also a Kansas City Star author. Alphabet Quilts, Art Nouveau Quilts for the 20th Century, Circles, and Fruit Salad all offer Bea’s original appliqué designs. Her quilts are simply breathtaking.

What? “Is there shopping?” You’re asking if there’s shopping? Of course there’s shopping! What kind of quilt show would it be if there were no shopping! You will find plenty of vendors at both shows, with some area shops being represented at both shows.

But the best part of all, at least from my perspective, is looking at all of the quilts. We have so many talented quilters here in the Kansas City area and it is a pleasure to be able to see what they have accomplished. And this year, I will be able to see twice as much eye candy as usual.

Oh, it’s already 10. I better get going! Hope to see you there.

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