June 5, 2012 - 5:53 pm

“Away from Home” book giveaway!

We have six more book giveaways for you, starting with Away from Home: Quilts Inspired by the Lowell Factory Girls by Nancy Rink.  This book – a huge hit at Spring Quilt Market – is chock full of fun stuff!

Nancy’s husband, Oliver, a history buff and professor, wrote great historical stories for the book.  Learn about the mill girls who worked in these factories – and what conditions were like for them.

Also, Marcus Fabrics was so gracious to create a fabric line for this book, titled The Mill Girls 1830 – 1850 collection.  Judie Rothermel did an excellent job designing.  Look for these fabrics at your local quilt shop starting in August!  To see the fabrics, click here.

The photos for the book were taken in our backyard at Watkins Mill State Historic Site – the perfect setting for Away from Home!

But I know you all are dying to see a sampling of the quilts from the book.  So, here they are!

Away from Home

Flowers in the Mills

Holiday Spirit

Lovely Ladies

Starring Judie

Stars Aplenty

To be entered to win a FREE COPY of this book, simply comment on this blog post!  How much do you know about mill girls?  Which of the above quilts do you see yourself tackling first?

To learn more about Away from Home, click here.


59 Responses to ““Away from Home” book giveaway!”

  1. I actually don’t know anything about the mill girls. All these quilts are beautiful, but I think I would start out with Holiday Spirit.

  2. I don’t know enough….and want to learn! I would start with Starring Judie!!!

  3. I know little of the history of the mill girls, but it does sound fascinating! I would definitely choose “Lovely Ladies” to start, the design is wonderful! I love to applique, and this begs to be done!!!

  4. I have heard a bit about the mill girls, and would love to learn more. The quilts are absolutely wonderful.

  5. I would have a hard time deciding between ‘Away from home’ and ‘Flowers in the Mill’. I guess that means I would have to make both of them. This book is calling my name!!!

  6. I will start with Holiday Spirit! I do not know anything about the Mill Girls, yet, :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. What beautiful quilts! And as I love to applique, this book would be perfect!

  8. Before I started quilting, I lived in Lowell. I would love to learn more and I love these quilts. I would start with Away from Home. It reminds me so much of the history of that area!

  9. I love the Flowers in the Mill and Away from Home. They are exquisite quilts and I would love to try them. I have read a little about the girls in the mills, but do not know alot about them. I know the working conditions were horrendous and they struggled to be successful.

  10. I knew some about their lives, mainly from the era of the fire that killed so many, but how and why they began that life, I wasn’t familiar with. I would try to start with “Lovely Ladies.” I love to hand applique, but as with everything else, is getting more difficult with Parkinson’s disease.

  11. I’ve always been fascinated by the mill girls–the farm girls who left home to earn money to send home to help the family, for instance. Also, the whole system some mills set up to control the mill girls every move–and every minute of the day! I’d probably make “Stars Aplenty” first since I like pieced quilts and stars. But I need to try more applique, so “Flowers in the Mills” looks like a good combination of piecing and applique. Thanks for the contest!

  12. These quilts are all lovely but I would choose Flowers in the Mills. I can’t wait to see the new fabric in my local quilt fabric shop!

  13. This book sounds very interesting. I love meddalion quilts so I would to star with Away from home quilt. Made from great fabrics too!

  14. I read the books about the Lowell Mill girls. they were wonderful! I’m so glad to know there are these lovely quilts depicting their lives and struggles. I loved the books and I love the quilts. I would love to win the book and make some of the quilts.

  15. I don’t live far from Lowell and I have always been intrigued by the mill history. The museum is fabulous! I often wonder if I could have had the strength and courage to work in those conditions. I would like to start with Flowers in the Mills.

  16. I know nothing about the Mill Girls. I can see myself making either Away from Home or Holiday Spirit – thank you

  17. I wish I could make “Away from Home.” It’s not my usual style, but worth a try.

  18. Mill girls sounds interesting as I no nothing of their store. I would tackle LOVELY LADIES quilt first!!!

  19. The mill girls not only contributed to the growth of Lowell, Massachusetts as the cultural gem it is today, they also inspired women to demand better working conditions and parity in wages. The calico prints they helped create are being reproduced today and used in many beautiful quilts. Come to the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell and go on to visit the Lowell National Historical Park which features the growth of the textile industry in the United States.

  20. Oh, by the way! I will DEFINITELY read this book!

  21. I don’t know much about the Mill Girls but will be interesting learning more about them. I really like the top quilt “Away From Home” and would really consider making that quilt for me. Love the house and the border blocks.

  22. Beautiful quilts. One of these would look great on our bed !

  23. Starring Judie strikes my fancy. I just love stars!

  24. Flowers in the Mill and Holiday Spirit would both be on my list! I remember a text book from elementary school with a picture of the mill girls and have had a fascination with their story ever since. I can appreciate the research and the work that has brought this to us.

  25. I know very little about the Mill Girls. I think I would start with Holiday Spirit.

  26. I have read a few books about mill girls. I love quilt books that also contain historical info! I like Stars Aplenty or Flowers in the Mills.

  27. I only know a bit about the mill girls but would enjoy learning more of their story. I love all of those designs but I think Holiday Spirit speaks to me the most.

  28. I would love to read about the factory girls. We had a factory here in IL. so I do know a bit about this subject but not enough.

  29. I know very little about Mill girls, but would love to know more, and I think “Lovely Ladies” would be the quilt I would like to start first.

  30. I’ve been waiting for this book to be released since I saw the first ad for it. I lived and worked in Lowell, Mass and I’m excited to learn more and to make one of these fabulous quilts.

  31. Know nothing about the mill girls. I’d start with Flowers in the Mills.

  32. I don’t know anything about the mill girls. Love to find out :) I will start with the Starring Judie :)

  33. I love this book. I don’t know which project I would want to start first but I know I want to do them all. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  34. I love reading about the mill girls.

  35. Can’t wait to see the book. I already made the quilt “Flowers in the Mills” only it was called Cocheco Scrap Basket. I was able to locate the fabrics from the first group of Cocheco fabrics. Very pretty quilt. I’ve read quite a bit about the Mill Girls and learned a great bit of textile history. Hope to learn even more.

  36. Tomorrow is my birthday – this sure would be a great birthday present (and probably the only one I’ll get!)

  37. I don’t know much about the mill girls but can’t wait to learn about them. I love history along with beautiful quilt patterns. I would love to make make the “Flowers in the Mills.” What a beautiful quilt. I love to applique!

  38. I would like to make the Away from home quilt. All are beautiful.

  39. Just registered for the site. The book looks intriguing. I like both of the quilts with stars, but especially Starring Judie.

  40. I only know that the mill girls had a very difficult life. I think the book is amazing, and I haven’t ordered it yet, so thanks so much for the opportunity to win. (Choose me!! — LOL!!) I would start with Holiday Spirit, but really want to make the Away From Home quilt.

  41. I would start with the Holiday Sprit first and would do the Way from home for my daughter. Her husband is in military and things I make for her and her family reminder her of home. Most of the women that worked in the mills had a hard life but they were greatful for the work. I would love to have your book!!

  42. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve never heard of “mill girls” before, so I would love the chance to have this book. If I don’t win, I will definitely have to remember to do some research! Thank you.

  43. What a trip down memory lane! I have visited Watkins Mill many times and learned about the mill girls. What a life they had! I remember the windows had to remain closed and the thought of them in the sweltering heat, well they were amazing women. Away from Home would be my first porject if I should win the book. Thanks for the treat!

  44. I know a little about the mill girls. These quilts are so beautiful and my kind of quilts to make. I’d make the one with the vase and the stars first and then go to the next one on my list. Love them!

  45. Uh oh! Did anyone see the movie Julie and Julia? I may have to start with the first one and make every one until I sew my way to the end of the book. I always love Nancy Rink projects!

  46. I remember years ago a documentary on PBS concerning mill girls but have never read anything about them. I love the Flowers of the Mill as I like both piecing and applique. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I learned about the Mill Girls in a Women’s Studies class at The Ohio State University. I have been wanting to visit Lowell, MA to see the mills and the Quilt Museum there. I would love to win the book and would make the “Away From Home” quilt first.

  48. I know very little about these girls. Holiday Spirit looks like the best place to start followed by Away from Home.

  49. This book looks really interesting a learning experience for sure. Both about the mill girls and the quilts.

  50. I love all the quilts in this book, so don’t know which one I would make first. I would be very happy to win it- thanks for the chance.

  51. I have not heard of the Mill Girls, but this book sounds very interesting. I really like the Flower In The Mills quilt. Thank you for a chance to win this book!

  52. I don’t know too much about “the mills” but a little since my mother said her first job was working in “the mills” when she was 15-16. This would have been back in the mid 30’s in Rhode Island.
    I’d be interested in the holiday spirit! Also thanks for the opportunity to learn something more about our heritage and the fabric and lives of the craft we love.

  53. Love this book! Beautifully photographed shots and well documented. I would attempt the Lovely Ladies first. As an aside, I met Nancy Rink at Quilt Market… wonderful person, and oh, so talented!

  54. Incredible projects in this book! Would like to do ALL of them!

  55. Being a relatively new summer resident of NH, I’d love to learn about the Mill Girls! We see many NH mills now converted to new use, and imagine NH mills and MA mills share similar stories and histories. I think I’d first love to try the Holiday Spirit quilt!

  56. Sorry that I don’t know about the Mill Girls, but would love to win a book!!

    I think I’d probably like to start with Away From Home. Reminds me of old fashioned stitcheries.

  57. I like them all but realy love the Starring Julie one, I love stars. I have heard of the Mill Girls and always thought it was a tough life. What a wonderful way to remember them.

  58. Know very little about the mill girls. Love to applique so would do the Holiday spirit first.

  59. I can’t seem to get enough of fabric and quilting history books and ideas from the 17th-19th centuries. Many of my vacations include visits to quilt and textile museums so I would love to learn even more about this wonderful era. I love all the designs, but would want to start on the Away from Home quilt first as the image of the girl spoke to me.

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