May 4, 2012 - 8:41 pm

Spring Market

I cannot believe it! Spring Quilt Market is almost upon us.  And it is here in our hometown. I can hear it now. “I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come,” being sung in every car traveling to International Quilt Market.  Seriously, we probably won’t let you in unless you know the words.

Well, you might get in if you sing Roger Miller’s song about being a Kansas City Star. You know how it goes, “Kansas City Star, That’s what I are.” (Talk about needing a good editor!)

We have much to offer visitors to our town, much more than the last time you all visited. We have the Sprint Center, all kinds of restaurants downtown, shopping, and not just for clothing, we have quilt shops! No, seriously, we have quilt shops! There are seven right in the Kansas City metropolitan area and there are more if you want to visit surrounding towns.

We have special plans since it’s in our hometown. We are going to have a quilt show hanging at our press pavilion. You’ll have to come and see this. Think about it! Two hundred quilts that have been featured in books printed by The Kansas City Star! As lovely as the photography is in each of our books, there’s nothing like being able to see these fantastic quilts in person.

In just one week, we will start setting up the quilt display. By the end of the next day it will all be ready for visitors. At least that’s the plan.

We will also have our booth set up at quilt market. It will feature all of our books that have been released this spring.  More quilts hanging! More eye candy for the quilter.

I wish quilt market was open to the public for at least a day. Every quilter should have visitation rights to market. Until one can go, it’s difficult to understand just how big the quilting industry is. While you do realize that every shop needs bags for their merchandise, I don’t think it’s anything one thinks about as being an item that would be sold at quilt market.

And yet there they are merchants selling all kinds of bags. Pretty ones made of paper, plastic ones with handles, sturdy bags made of brown craft paper, tote bags of canvas … the list goes on. Each bag that goes out of a store is an opportunity for a merchant to put its logo on, so the bags are important.

The fabric companies are fascinating for me. Fabric samples hang in books similar to wallpaper books one sees at the paint store. When you look through the fabric samples, you can see every colorway it’s printed in. There are quilts hanging in every manufacturer’s booth showing how their newest lines will look made up.

The large fabric companies have their designers there as well. The designer’s booths are near the company they work for so you’ll find Jo Morton hanging around Andover’s booth. Alma Allen and Barb Adams will have a booth close to Moda – it reminds me of little villages.

I’ll be hanging around at the Kansas City Star’s booth. (Yes, I know, that’s a huge surprise.) Diane, Doug and I will be working hard to whip everything into shape. We want our booth to be lovely and inviting. And when we’re done at the convention center, we’ll be heading over to the press pavilion.

If you can’t get in to Market, I sure hope we see you down at The Star!

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