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Faithful and Devoted book giveaway

Here we are with another book giveaway – this time for Faithful and Devoted: To My Adelaide – A Quilted Love Story by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth.  This is our 2011 block of the month project in book form!  This project follows the love story between a man, Charles, who was off fighting in the Civil War, and Adelaide, his love interest, who was on the home front.  Both Adelaide and Charles are represented in two different quilts (shown below).  The book also includes four additional projects inspired by Charles and Adelaide.  Such stunning projects – and a beautiful story!



Autumn Ties

Crossing Paths

You could win a free copy of this book!  All you have to do is comment on this blog to be entered.  Do you often make Civil War era quilts?  When doing so, what are your favorite fabrics to use?  Have you followed along with this block of the month all year?

For more information on the book, click here.  Good luck, and happy posting!

30 Responses to “Faithful and Devoted book giveaway”

  1. I love the earth tones of Civil War quilts. My son has become interested in the Civil War and he asked that I make him one. So I will soon be embarking on a new quilting project.

  2. Being from the south and my great grandfather was killed in Atlanta during the war (we have letters written by him) I love civil war stories and quilts. Our quilt store here in Burleson Texas specializes in civil war fabrics so I am very fortunate to do the quilts I love.

  3. I love civil war quilts! I have a bunch of Dear Jane blocks completed and recently bought a a kitted Bonnie Blue Quilts pattern called Lincoln’s Watch. I’m making this in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

  4. American History has always been of interest to me. Attending a Jo Morton’s Little Women group drew me into Civil War era quilts and their simple beauty. I have collected two complete sets of Civil War BOMs which might be finished before we celebrate the 155th anniversary. ;D

  5. I love using Civil War Era fabrics and patterns.

  6. The colors are just wonderful. I love the rich browns and reds. These patterns look wonderful; I would love to win them.

  7. I love Civil war quilts and also books that have historical stories to go along with the quilts!

  8. I’ve recently started making quilts with a Civil War fabric, my 1st one was a doll quilt….. now I have 9 & I’m about th start a larger quilt

  9. I live in Australia, love the history of the Civil War and have read many stories and watch many films & TV Docos & seriels based on the Civil War, guess my Fav has to be “Gone With The Wind” & “Roots”.
    When I discovered quilting it was via Civil War quilts so I have made a few along with Repro quilts.
    I collect Civil War fabric, love the muted tones with the contrast of the brightness of the Cheeders, Madders and also the Blues. The fabric is just nice to touch & feel, bit like Derwent pencils..LOL..
    I use Civil War fabrics in most quilts I make, they are extremely flexible for most patterns & purposes, (except the 30’s).
    Enjoy the quilting journey in life, it’s a wonderful place to go to and be from the hetic pace of 21st Century Life.

  10. Civil war quilts are my all time favorite quilt to make. My favorite quilt is Chester a quilt based on a quilt from the William Penn museum. I made a second quilt William on of Chester, of course now there is Mary wife of William. And designing a small baby quilt out of all the precious scraps from this line of fabric. I have followed a few of the civil war quilt along, and it has been so much fun finding scraps to make each block.

  11. I simply love civil war reproduction fabrics. I have a basket quilt made from them (I should say quilt TOP – I really need to quilt it) and I’m in the process of cutting pieces for a second one.

  12. I love the quilt named Charlie. I think it will be my next quilt. The colors are so yummy.

  13. I have never made one, but I do have some fabrics I’ve collected to do so some time. I purchase from Homestead Hearth, it’s a great place and I’d love to read the book.

  14. I love Civil War Quilts. My husband is in the millitary and I have always loved history. I prefer blues, reds, browns and pinks. Any story that can take me back in time and fabrics that bring the book to life is a great book for me. Thanks for printing so many great books!

  15. I would love a chance to win this book – the story alone sounds wonderful. My mother does a lot of quilting with civil war fabric. We have a local quilt shop that specializes in these types of quilts – this would be a great book to share with my mom!!

  16. I love the civil war patterns and fabric lines. Unfortunately I have not made a civil war quilt but I think one is in my future. I have been collecting the monthly patterns for Faithful and Devoted, I am doing the Adelaide color way. Looking forward to it’s completionso far all the blocks are beautiful.

  17. Love Civil War history and all that comes with it. I find myself gravitating toward the fabrics all the time.

  18. Civil war fabrics have always been a favorite of mine. I love shirtings, and the blues and browns especially. I haven’t been working this BOM though I have done several civil war BOMs in the past.

  19. Civil war quilts are a favorite of mine. Reading the passages in a CW quilt book is almost as much interest as making the quilt!!

  20. Truth be told, i am just starting to get into “Civil War Era” colors. I am finding more inspiration from them, and this book would really help with my journey.

  21. I have heard much about this book. I can’t wait to read it.

  22. The Autumn Ties quilt design is beautiful. It reminded me of one of my grandmother’s quilts. She always had interesting stories concerning her family moving to Kansas. Quilts and Civil War … all the stories… what a legacy!!!

  23. I am a big Civil war fabrics fan and this book looks great.
    I love reading the stories about this era.

  24. I am really attracted to the Civil War quilts, which is slightly unusual since I tend towards brighter colors. I’m also a sucker for a love story. I love, love, love the “Charlie” quilt. That one will have a place our bedroom.

  25. These are my kind of quilts. I pretty much only do reproduction quilts and my stash will prove it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this really beautiful book.

  26. Love all history of quilting! Growing up in Kansas City and now that I live in the south, it is exciting to read and learn more about our ancestors. This is what quilting is all about!

  27. I enjoy making quilts using the civil war fabrics and am collecting a few more to add to my stash for another quilt I’d like to make

  28. Being a true born southerner from SC, I have read extensively the history of the Civil War. I adore the reproduction fabrics and have collected quite a few, especially blues and browns. I love all of the quilts pictured in the preview and would love to win!

  29. I love Civil War quilts. These look stunning!

  30. I’ve always wanted to make a Civil War style quilt – and these look fantastic – such a lovely resource this would be for history and directions.

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