July 20, 2011 - 5:15 pm

Graceful Rhapsody

Last but definitely not least, we have our final book giveaway for the gorgeous Graceful Rhapsody: A Quilted Paisley Block-of-the-Month by Denise Sheehan.  Remember Denise?  She published The Graceful Garden: A Jacobean Fantasy Quilt a while back that quilters just loved.  Well she’s back with another book of her beautiful applique.

Besides the paisleys, this book takes on a musical theme, with the blocks of the main quilt being titled “Sonata,” “Opus,” and “Minuet,” for example.  And musical this book is!  Here are some examples of the blocks:





Put the blocks together, and you end up with this masterpiece, the grand finale:

Graceful Rhapsody

What a stunner, eh?!  You can win a free copy of this book by simply commenting on this post!  Do you listen to music while you quilt?  If so, what is your favorite type of music to listen to while you quilt?

Early next week we’ll be “drawing” winners for all six of our new titles – so be sure to get your comments in soon!  Good luck!

31 Responses to “Graceful Rhapsody”

  1. I like Easy listening music when I sew.

  2. I love to put the iPod on shuffle and just listen to whatever comes up. The paisely designs in this book look great!

  3. What beautiful blocks! I’ve not done a lot of applique, but it is the beauties like this that tempt me! I listen to whatever station the radio is on, lol. Thanks for the great book reviews!

  4. This is a beautiful quilt – a great incentive for attempting applique! I’m a classical music-listening girl…that’s inspiration for me.

  5. The Trio block would make a good beginning to a round robin (sort of) project that I’m doing with my sisters and mom and dad. Have music with me all the time as I work at a music store (one that sells guitars, drums, amps, music,etc). Would love this book or any of the others.

  6. Very nice! I listen to a variety of music when quilting but often will be listening to jazz.

  7. When I put on music, it’s most often Celtic Women or John Denver (but I usually listen to recorded books while I’m sewing).

  8. What beautiful blocks…..may buy the book anyway! I frequently queue up my Contemporary Christian music on my computer to listen to while I sew.

  9. That is a gorgous quilt and book! When I quilt I listen to a mix that my husband calls ecclectic (actually he uses a less compilimentary word) Everything from opera to celtic to 80’s pop with a big dollop of Jimmy Buffett. Hey, it’s kind of like my quilting…

  10. I love applique and this book looks fabulous. When I stitch I listen to all sorts of music as long as it has a good beat.

  11. I usually have the TV on, but when I listen to music it is 60’s classic.

  12. Refreshing. I keep that iPod humming with everything from classical to rock and lots of country in between.

  13. I don’t tend to listen to music when I sew. I do listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my Ipod while I sew. This book looks wonderful!

  14. I listen to my ipod, no music just crafty podcasts! You should start one, I would enjoy hearing it…

  15. I usually do not listen to music. I like to listen to the hum of my sewing machine(Sweet Music. This applique pattern would be wonderful to bring to Canada when we go fishing. We are out in the bush (no TV,only satalite phones). Perfect!

  16. Such a beautiful quilt and in my favorite color-blue! I usually listen to music or to the TV unless I am sewing late at night when my husband is asleep. I listen to all kinds of music and have found if it is a really fast song I tend to sew faster too!

  17. I usually have HGTV, DIYNetwork or a movie on when I sew. But I just got streaming internet device, so I may start listeining to Pandora while I am sewing. Love all the paisley designs in the book.

  18. The television is what keeps me sane in my studio. Music just doesn’t do it for me, although I love to listen to music at any other time. Strange yes I know. I sure fell in love with the paisley’s in the book. Thank you, your review was outstanding

  19. What a lovely surprise! I am a huge fan of Denise’s work and her new book is gorgeous. I’m more of a listen to the tv kind of gal than the radio. I like to listen to the radio but I usually listen to talk radio.

  20. The blocks in Denise’s quilt are breathtaking (one word?) so Beautiful. I’m learning applique now doing a BOM. I’d love to add this book to my library. Depending on what’s on tv or if I have anything recorded, I’ll watch tv. When I do sew with the radio on it’s country music for me. Thank you for your review, the giveaway and a chance to win.

  21. I have “eclectic” tastes and like many kinds of music: country, rock, classical, blues, etc. Thanks for this giveaway!

  22. Last year I started going to the gym to exercise. They always had the country music video station on one of the TVs. Having grown up in the 60s-70s, I’ve always listened to classic rock. But now that I’m older (eek!), country music sounds a lot better to me than the “pop” music these days. (Geez, that makes me sound like an old fart!). Anyway, this has started me listening to country music when I quilt. The projects in the book are beautiful and I love the colors!

  23. When I listen to music, it depends on the type of quilting I am doing. When hand quilting on the floor frame I turn the radio on to KFKF and listen to country. If I am machine quilting I prefer to listen to either country or classical (depending on the design of the day). Lately I have been preferring the music of silence.

  24. When I am in my quilt room it is country music. I love this applique. I have her first book and just love the look. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  25. Love classic Country! This applique quilt is marvelous. Thank you! Just a note…….I get lost in my quilting and do not realize anything else is going on around me.

  26. I love the designs in this book. I always like to see paisleys.

  27. Love this applique – and the colors! I’m a relatively new convert to applique. I’ve spent years saying it’s a four-letter word, but after being challenged last year to really learn how to do it correctly, I have discovered I love doing it. The paisley designs are fabulous!

  28. Love the applique. I listen to classic rock and some easy listening.

  29. simply beautiful!
    I listen to classic rock and alternative music

  30. Absolutely LOVE this book!!!

  31. I love this quilt. I belong to a needle turn applique group and one of the girls brought this book in and thought this should be our next project. I love it. I like to listen to the music of friends chatter while we quilt and some a little singing!

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