July 30, 2008 - 7:08 am

A Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been accused of working at my local quilt shop. For example, there is a case containing Dovo scissors right there on the front counter. The case is about 25” x 12” and is about 3” to 4” high and has a glass top. You can clearly see all the different types of scissors, and it’s the correct height so you can lean over and drool and make out your wish list. Anytime I’m out at the shop, I tell other quilters what wonderful scissors are in that case. Many a quilter has given me a puzzled look and asked, “Do you work here?”

Well, no, I don’t work at a quilt shop. I work from my Some of my favoritesSome of my favoriteshome, but it’s pretty easy to sing the praises of something you love to use and work with. Dovo scissors happen to be very high on my list of favorite quilting tools. Not only do they have a great edge on the blades, they tend to stay sharp. They are balanced, easy to handle and just plain lovely.

The large ergonomic Olfa rotary cutter is another one of my favorites. I find the curved handle comfortable to use and am able to cut strips for a long time and my hand doesn’t get tired as quickly as it did with the straight-handled cutter. I like being able to cut through more layers, too. It really speeds things up.

My daughter-in-law, Sarah, found the large seam ripper and gave it to me as one of my Christmas gifts. It’s comfortable to use and very sharp. Another point in its favor is that it doesn’t get lost amid the quilt pieces and whatever else might be lying around my sewing machine or in my travel case.

Another little gem is a pack of pins from Little House. They come in the small tin shown in the picture or in a little glass jar that has a cork stopper in the top. The pins are very fine and sharp and have a small glass head. One only needs to take a very small bite out of the fabric when using these pins. The small glass heads are brightly colored so they are very visible and yet, I don’t find myself getting thread hung up on them when I use them along with a needle and thread.

Down at the bottom of the photo, you can see a pair of Snips. These have a blade that curves slightly up and works with a gentle spring action. I like using Snips because I can clip my threads very close to the fabric while doing machine quilting or appliqué and never worry about poking or cutting a hole in my project.

These are just a few of the things I love to work with. I’m sure you have some as well. Come on, share your favorite tools by posting a comment. I’m always ready to try something new!

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